children adopted in the United States each year.
voluntarily relinquished American babies
Americans alive today are adoptees

Adoption Isn’t Giving Up,
It’s Giving More

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Every child deserves a loving family. There are millions of children who seek a caring home to call their own and those who are about to come into this world that need a welcoming family. Let us help you build a family and make your dreams become a reality. We offer domestic adoption, inter-state adoption, international adoption and step-parent adoption.
Our services cover every aspect of your needs. Our website is a good place to start your journey to become an adoptive parent. In this section your will find basic resources on who can adopt, an explanation on the processes involved, some common questions you probably have on your mind and an idea of the costs involved in adoption.



We feel proud to have helped so many people who chose adoption to fulfill their dreams. There is no better way to confirm our passion and commitment than to read the testimonials of people who have worked with us.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

Tressa, Birth Mother

“My first experience with Heartfelt was an unforgettable one. Finding out that I was pregnant and feeling I had nowhere to turn, this agency was a God send for me. From the first time I stepped into the agency and met the staff, I was greeted with warm smiles and hugs. They made me feel at home and really good about the decision I was making. They gave me a list of amazing families who were looking to adopt a baby to choose from. I do not in anyway regret the decision I made. They are great people and even after four years since the adoption I keep in contact with them, including pictures, letters, and phone calls. I feel like I am a part of a great family. I highly recommend Heartfelt to anyone who finds themselves with an unexpected pregnancy and feels they have nowhere else to go.”

Stephanie, Birth Mother

“Hello we are Joost and Sanne from Holland. We came in contact with Christine Welch though an attorney in New York. In the Summer of 2008 we were fortunate enough to adopt a beautiful baby boy with the help of Christine and her staff. We spent almost 3 weeks in Tampa and during that time we came to know her and the Heartfelt team as very capable, loving, supporting, and dedicated. Not only for us as adoptive parents, but also for the birth family who we were able to meet on several occasions during our stay. Adopting is a wonderful, emotional, and sometimes frightening experience for everyone involved. Heartfelt Adoptions was always available to us in person or by phone to provide us guidance through the entire process. every step was taken with the greatest care and we are very grateful for that!”

Joost and Sanne, Adoptive Parent

“Heartfelt Adoption and Surrogacy Services was recommended to us through a friend who adopted 2 of her 3 children through the agency. We were told how professional and thorough the agency was and how quickly they were matched with a birth family. Within 6 months of contacting the agency, we were selected by a birth mom (and dad), and 3 months later our healthy, beautiful baby girl was born. Christine and her crew kept us informed on the status of our birth parents and even arranged a meeting for us all. The staff at Heartfelt Adoption made a difficult and stressful time easier to deal with and we have already recommended them to other couples. We couldn’t be happier”

Kymm and Chris from Pennsylvania, Adoptive Parent

Benefits Of Adoption

The benefits of an adoption are manifold for the birthmothers, children as well as adoptive families. Birthmothers can continue their education or career after placing their child with another family. In most cases, she will be a part of her child’s life as he grows up. What’s more, if abortion is an uncomfortable and emotionally draining step, adoption is the least expensive option to consider.
Loving families get to welcome a new member into their homes and hearts, and adopted children get a chance to live full, joyous lives, with all the benefits of biological children.

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