We understand your feelings, fears, and questions as you plan for your future and the future of your baby.


We are here to help and guide you through every step of your journey.


– Free medical and pre-natal care.

– Assistance with eligible living expenses such as: rent, utilities, groceries and transportation to and from medical appointments.

– Professional counseling, helping you process your adoption decision during pregnancy, after birth, and in the future, if needed.

– A heartfelt guide to assist you in setting goals for the future. Career counseling, educational opportunities, and life skills coaching.

Adoption is a process where a child is placed with another family. All legal and parental rights are transferred to the adoptive parents and this placement is permanent. The entire process is completed in two stages; First, the birth mother gives her consent for the child to be adopted. The birth father will also have to be notified even if he is not involved in the process.

Secondly, a prospective adoptive couple waiting to adopt a child will go through a strict screening process that includes checks on medical records, criminal background, financial statements, parenting styles and social lives. However, the most important determining factor when choosing an adoptive couple is whether they will be able to provide the right care and love for a child. The adopted children will have all the emotional, social and legal benefits of a biological child.

Heartfelt Adoptions will help you at every step of the adoption process. Florida Statutes allow the adoptive parents to pay for living expenses of birth mothers but the amount you receive will depend on a number of factors.

We will create an individual plan that is tailored to your needs that includes transportation to doctor’s appointments and non-biased counselling. You will be under no pressure to put your baby up for adoption and can discontinue the adoption process any time before signing the contract.

Placing you child for adoption is one of the greatest acts of compassion and self-sacrifice. Being a good mother requires you to put the needs of your child above yours. When you realize that you will not be able to provide the healthy environment to raise a child, then adoption is the right choice for you. The people around you that truly love and care for you will support your decision. However, this decision is only yours to make and no one should pressurize you.

There are thousands of couples that cannot have children of their own due to various reasons and are hopeful to adopt. Some of these couples wait for years to welcome a child into their homes and hearts. Most adoptive parents go through years of infertility treatments and disappointments trying to become parents.

You can be assured that your child is being placed in a family that will love them. We will present you with various adoptive parent profiles, from which you can choose one based on your preferences. We encourage you to meet the adoptive parents and build a relationship with them so you can stay a part of your child’s life even after adoption.

Any contact that you have with our agency will be strictly confidential and we will not contact anyone else without your permission. Our counsellors will guide you at every step of the way. We strive to make the placement a smooth and comfortable experience for you.

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