We understand that the costs incurred in adoption are your primary concern. Welcoming a child into your family either by birth or adoption requires financial stability and this responsibility continues until the child reaches the age of independence. We believe that every child is priceless and the adoption plan should serve their best interests. Understanding the costs associated with different types of adoptions may help the adoptive parents in deciding which type of adoption to pursue. We educate the parents on the costs that are expected and help them in developing a budget, so they can start their adoption journey more confidently.

It is difficult to put a fixed amount on the total costs of an adoption as there are many variables affecting it. All adoption plans are not the same and each one has its own expenses. Some costs are more difficult to estimate than others. Breaking down the cost into categories will help you in keeping foresight throughout the process.

In a domestic adoption, expenses may include:

  • Application Fees

  • Medical costs

  • Background checks

  • Legal representation

  • Rent, utilities and living expenses for the birth mother

  • Counseling

  • Education and training for families

  • Case worker visits

  • Travel for birth parents and yourself

  • Home study fees

  • Court fees

An international adoption has its own unique steps and costs that include:

  • Immigration and citizenship fees

  • Traveling to another country

  • Child passport, visa and medical costs

  • Documentation and translation

  • Dossier authentication

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For step parent and relative adoption, the costs will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. The amount will be determined based on the work involved and whether all parties are consenting to the adoption. If the biological parent is unwilling, can’t be located or is unknown, then additional costs will be incurred. On average the costs begin at $2500 plus court and other expenses.

We have a very competitive fee structure that is straight forward and easy to understand and compare. We believe in complete transparency and ensure that the wellbeing of a child is not undermined for monetary purposes.

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