Project Description

Every child needs a family, regardless of their age. There are thousands of kids in foster care that need love, support and a sense of belonging. We strongly believe that a family is the right place for the child to be. Children awaiting adoption are of different ages and backgrounds. They enter the foster system through no fault of their own and deserve loving homes that provide security and stability. There are many reasons to adopt an older child.

  • Not being able to take care of an infant
  • Desire to help a child in need
  • Quicker adoption process
  • Working parents that want a child in school
  • Knowing the personality and history of the child

Like any adoption plan, the process of adopting a child requires commitment and dedication. Our experienced counselors will guide you through each step.

There are a couple of things you should consider before making the decision. The experience of adopting an older child is fundamentally different than adopting an infant. The child might be grieving over the loss of biological/foster families or be unable to communicate his/her emotions in the beginning.

However, it is critical to remember that they need love like any other and long to be part of a family. Older children require time to adjust into your family and truly make you their parents. We educate the adoptive parents on the challenges and requirements of adopting an older child so that they can make informed decisions and be prepared to provide a loving home for her/him.

All prospective adoptive couples must undergo a home study before being eligible to adopt. A home study is an extensive investigation of your ability to parent a child. Heartfelt Adoptions is licensed to perform home studies for families residing in the State of Florida. This report will include

  • Home inspections
  • Background checks
  • Relationships and social life
  • Financial position
  • Parenting experience

Our goal is to make the home study a valuable learning experience and to help prepare you for the challenges of parenting a child.

Once you have become an active family waiting for an adoption opportunity, we look for children that match your profile. We meet with the child so we can get to know them, learn about their past and interests. You will be informed once a suitable adoption opportunity arises. We will facilitate several meetings and slowly transition the child into your family.

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