Project Description

Every child needs a loving home, a place where they are safe and cared for. If you have room in your heart for one of these little ones, you could change the course of another person’s life forever.

They may be small, but “Mom” and “Dad” are two of the most powerful words in a child’s life. These words represent arms to hold them and shoulders to cry on, a safe place and a firm foundation to set them on the road of love and success in life.

Could you be that safe place for a baby to grow and thrive?

Heartfelt Adoptions helps birth mothers in difficult situations to provide a loving and safe space for their babies. We ensure the children receive the best of prenatal care, find the best of adoptive parents, shepherd and smooth the adoption process for all involved.

It’s about providing every baby with the opportunities all children deserve.

You are the final and most important part of that. The process of adopting a child requires commitment and dedication. Our experienced counselors will guide you through each step.

There are a couple of things you should consider before making the decision. The experience of adopting an infant child is fundamentally different than adopting an older child. You will be the only parents they know. Consider and treat them no differently than if you had given birth to them yourself.

They need the unconditional love, understanding and support only a parent can provide. In return. Aas you nurture their growth you will be rewarded immeasurably.

Watch them take their first steps, become more and more able to communicate and be in control of their own decisions and lives, start school. Help them when they skin their knees, go through childhood illnesses and upsets.

They will reward you with the love only a child can give a parent. And you will experience the satisfaction of helping another person reach their potential as one of God’s children.

Being a parent is often difficult. Adopting a child is an eighteen year commitment. There is nothing better a person can do.

All prospective adoptive couples must undergo a home study before being eligible to adopt. A home study is an extensive investigation of your ability to parent a child. Heartfelt Adoptions is licensed to perform home studies for families residing in the State of Florida. This report will include

  • Home inspections
  • Background checks
  • Relationships and social life
  • Financial position
  • Parenting experience

Our goal is to make the home study a valuable learning experience and to help prepare you for the challenges of parenting a child.

Once you have become an active family waiting for an adoption opportunity, we look for opportunities that match your profile. You will be informed once a suitable adoption opportunity arises, and will work with you to ensure you are fully prepared and that entry of the infant into your family is smooth and trouble free.
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