Project Description


A home study is the first step to an adoption. The state of Florida requires all prospective adoptive parents to undergo a home study before they can adopt. Heart felt Adoption and Surrogacy Services is licensed to perform home studies for families residing in the state of Florida.

A home study is a report that provides written representation of your qualification to adopt a child. This report provides a formal opinion about the adoptive parents. In simple words, it is a license to adopt a child and must be conducted by a neutral adoption agency or social workers.

The home study involves gathering information about the prospective adoptive parents. It also serves to educate and prepare them for the new responsibilities they plan to undertake. The home study evaluates what kind of parents you will be, and the kind of home you will be able to provide for the child. This also helps to build a relationship between the agency and the applicants. The report will include:

  • Home visits to assess physical safety.

  • Background screenings, financial statements and reference checks.

  • Daily life routines.

  • Parenting experience.

  • Relationships and social life.

  • The reason for choosing adoption.

  • Medical and psychological health.

The case worker will determine your emotional and financial ability to adopt and raise a child. They will evaluate how you plan to care of the child, how you attempt to solve problems in your family, your personal history, your relationships with people around you, your neighborhood, your religion, your level of religious practice, your experience with other children and every aspect of your life which will affect the child.

This entire process may seem confusing and time consuming. It may cause a feeling of anxiety and a fear of not being approved. However, it is completely normal for adoptive parent to feel that way. You should be confident on the information you provide and should understand that all these regulations are in place to ensure that the child is placed with a loving family that protects their interests. Our councilors will help you navigate through these emotions and make you focus on the joy of welcoming a new member into the family and the happiness it will bring for years to come.

This entire process is governed by the laws and regulations implemented by the state of Florida. We will team up with you and make the home study a valuable learning experience. Our goal is to help prepare you for parenting the new member of your family.

Our Fee structure is as follows:

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Includes home visits, background checks, post-placement supervision and periodic reports to courts (if outside Hillsborough or Pinellas counties, time travel and mileage will be added)


If home study must be completed within three weeks of application.


Home studies are only valid for one year from the date of completion.