Project Description


A profile is a great way to share information about your family and is your most important marketing tool when you decide to adopt a child. It will help you connect with the birthmother and give them an insight into your life. A profile is like a photo album with captions, and is similar to a scrapbook. It will contain information about your family, home, interests, values and beliefs. It should give the birthmother a good sense of who you are and what makes you different from other hopeful parents. The purpose of the profile is not just to state facts but rather to tell a short story about yourself.

The profile will have a “Dear Birthmother” letter in the front, a few words about your family and a lot of pictures. The “Dear Birthmother letter” will allow you to communicate directly with the birthmother and should be written in the first-person.

The words should be honest, intimate and heartfelt. Try to keep the letter short, concise and to the point. Remember, the person you are writing to is going through an emotionally difficult time. It is good to let them know that you understand what they are going through and how much you appreciate them giving your family this opportunity.You should state the reasons for choosing adoption and your views on parenting.

The pictures in the profile must be happy photos of you, your spouse, other children, important family members, home and pets. It is a good idea to include photos of your wedding and holidays.Every picture should portray a message about your family and show you in the best possible light. The pictures and captions will paint a picture of what life is like in your family.

The profile should consist of 8-10 pages and each sheet must not be bigger than 8 x 10. The birthmothers generally keep the profile after selection.The profile must not contain identifying information such as last names and home addresses.

We highly recommend that you make a profile. The profile can be the determining factor in whether or not a birthmother selects you to adopt their child. Birthmothers generally have 3 to 5 couples to choose from, and they almost always pick the ones that have a profile.

You can be the most amazing people in the world but if your profile is unable to portray that, you will have a hard time being selected. It is a good idea to differentiate your profile from others and make it stand out. Your profile must grab the attention of the reader and hold on to it. The key is to create an emotional connection with the birthmother early on and help them relate to your family.

You can make the profile at home. If you are unsure on how to layout your profile, you can use search engines to look at examples of adoption profiles.

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